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Tattoo Removal/Lightening and Color Correction

Regular price $1,600.00
Tattoo Removal/Lightening and Color Correction

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,600 (device class)

A highly recommended essential class for all PMUs. Prettyology believes in the classic and time proven method of salt and saline removal to gently purge pigment out of the skin. We combine this with our Color Correction class because more often than not, pigment lightening/removal goes hand in hand with the need to color correct. In this full 8 hour class you will learn when a removal is necessary versus when a color correction can be done, as well as when it is necessary to do both. You will learn which needles are best for effective pigment removal and how deep you can safely work in the skin. You will learn how to mix correct pigment formulas for any type of correction, whether it be someone else’s work or your own.

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*Advanced classes are open to certified permanent makeup artists only. Proof of fundamental training is required for registration. Please email to register.

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